Nano Materials

Application of Nano Materials

Scientists have studied nano materials since the turn of the century. Even though research has been done on these very unique materials, the world is yet to see extensive real world applications as was anticipated when its research began almost a hundred years ago. The slow implementation of it in the real world is probably due to safety concerns about the adoption of nano technology in health applications.

A good the percentage of real life application of nano technology is in health. Unfortunately, this is where most of the concerns on its safety are concentrated. Research on health requires a considerably long period of time in order to ensure that it is safe.

However, there have been a good number of nano products that can be found in the market. The nano products that have found their way into people’s homes range from clothes, tennis balls, water resistant clothes and car wax that can give your car a better shine. Nano materials have unique properties that are different from other materials. Their size gives it structural strength that makes it possible to make stronger and more durable products. The size is also applied in photography and plasma and LCD TV screen to provide a shaper and better quality image. Here are some of the applications of nano technology that have found their way into people’s homes.

Sonax Nano Technology Liquid Wax: The purpose of making a nano car wax is twofold: to provide a better shine and to protect the car’s paint. The wax will give a better shine than ordinary car wax because it works at the microscopic level. However, for you to realize the full benefits of using a nano car wax you will have to use a micro fiber material to apply the paint.

The other benefit of A nano car wax is to protect the car’s paint. The wax when applied onto a car’s body will find its way into the microscopic spaces that have been left on the car’s body work. This not only helps to protect the paint, but also the body of the car by filling up in those tiny spaces not covered by the car’s wax. Furthermore, the wax is known to last longer and so this is another way it works to protect the car.

Meguiar’s EvenCoat Applicator: This applicator is made of micro fibers and is the best material to be used with the nano liquid wax to ensure an even application of the wax. It can be cleaned like a regular towel and used again later. If you have nano wax you can add this to your kit in order to make it complete.

Clarity Defender® PLUS Automotive Windshield Treatment: This windshield film is invisible and is used to prevent rain, bird droppings and bugs from sticking onto your windshield. Research has shown that this film gives 34% better visibility when it’s raining or snowing. The nano technology will also help the driver get rid of bird droppings faster. The clarity defender goes for about $15 and can be expected to last for 8 to 10 months.